Best Car Shows for 2022: The Biggest Shows Happening this Year

If you love car shows, you might be searching for the best car shows for 2022. Car shows are the perfect place for old and new car lovers to come together. It’s an excellent opportunity for brands to display their newest models, but also to learn about what their customers are looking for. Car enthusiasts can fall in love with their classic cars once again or try out all the new features of the latest cars, trucks, and motorcycles. 

The last few years have been tough.  Most of the big auto shows were canceled. This year is the perfect time to check out what you’ve been missing. These are the best car shows to visit in 2022, including a couple of exciting new car shows just for women!

The Best Car Shows for 2022

Chicago Auto Show  February 12-21

Chicago Auto Show

The first Chicago Auto Show took place in 1901. It’s the largest auto show in North America.  It’s been held more times than any other auto show and this marks the 114th edition of the Chicago Auto Show.  The show takes place in the North and South Exhibit Halls of the McCormick Place Complex, which is over 1 million square feet in size.  The Chicago Automobile Trade Association has put on the show since 1935. Expect to see lots of cars including concept cars, convertibles, crossovers, hybrids, electric cars, Sports Utility Vehicles, Pickup trucks, and more.

Pittsburgh International Auto Show February 18-21

Pittsburgh International Auto Show

The Pittsburgh International Auto Show is a yearly event that takes place at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA.  This is a family-friendly event where people of all ages can come out and check out lots of new vehicles.  Auto manufacturers will be showing off all the new safety features, gadgets, and technology.  You will get to see sports cars, convertibles, SUVs, trucks, and off-road vehicles, all in a non-sales environment.  It will be a ton of fun for the whole family.

Portland International Auto Show February 24-27

Portland International Auto Show

The Portland International Auto Show is the largest auto show in the Pacific Northwest. It takes place annually in the Oregon Convention Center.  This year marks the 112th edition of the Portland Auto Show. This year you’ll get the chance to get behind the wheel of several 2022 models from Toyota and Ford. Plus, you’ll get to check out Electric Fuel, an interactive display that answers all your questions about electric cars.

Cleveland Auto Show February 25-March 6

Cleveland Auto Show

The Cleveland Auto Show has been one of America’s favorite car shows since 1903. It typically marks the arrival of the Spring car-selling season in Northern Ohio. This year’s show features concept cars, pre-production, and production vehicles from the top automakers around the world. Test-drive some of the vehicles without even leaving the show or enjoying their indoor rides.  Along with all the cool cars, the show also features entertainment from celebrities and sports stars. 

Atlanta International Auto Show March 17-20

The Atlanta International Auto Show is one of the best car shows in the Southeast

The Atlanta International Auto Show has been around since 1909. It was the first auto show in the Southeast. Since then, it has grown to become one of the biggest auto shows in the region. This year’s show is hosted at the Georgia World Congress Center and is the largest event held at that venue.  This year marks the 40th edition of the Atlanta auto show. Automakers that will be attending the show are still being determined, but they will have updates soon.  Caffeine & Octane will be participating in the show, as well as the Subaru Loves Pets initiative.

New York Auto Show (NYIAS) April 15-24

New York International Auto Show is one of the best car shows for 2022

The New York Auto Show is one of the most important auto shows in the industry. It’s been a tradition in New York for over 100 years now. New Yorkers come to the auto show to take part in the excitement and see what’s new in the car business.  Attendees can check out all the new cars, and the latest trends in design and innovation. This year’s event will feature more than 4 floors of displays from the largest automakers. Explore all the latest trends and be part of one of the best car shows for 2022.

Austin Auto Show April 22-24

Austin Auto Show

The Austin Auto Show is produced by the Austin Automobile Dealer Association. The annual show features cars from every automaker in the industry. Everyone can see all the latest styles, models, and features of new cars in one place. This year will feature exotic cars, muscle cars, and classic cars. Parents and kids will love the photo bus and kids zone where kids can enjoy balloons, face paintings, and the mayhem bounce house. If you live in the Austin area, this is one you don’t want to miss.

Carlisle Ford Nationals June 3-5

Carlisle Ford Nationals

The Carlisle Ford Nationals is the largest all-Ford car show in the world. If you love Fords, you will love this event! There will be hundreds of Fords on display. You can also find Ford parts, tools, collectibles, and more at the Ford Automotive flea market. This is a great place to buy and sell a car, right on the spot. Just stop by the car corral. This huge Ford event has tons of activities for Ford lovers including the Mustang parade and the Electric Avenue where you can check out all the new Ford electric models and learn more about Ford’s line of electric cars.

Women’s Motor Fest Detroit June 18, 2022

Women’s Motor Fest Detroit Car Show

Women’s Motor Fest is the first-ever auto show for women. This year’s first Women’s Motor Fest event is taking place in Metro Detroit. If you are a women car enthusiast this is a show you have to attend. The show will have tons of activities including workshops, entertainment, and products to try.  And of course, there will be cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, and more.

Kansas City International Auto Show September 8-11

Kansas City Auto Show

For almost a century, the Kansas City Auto Show has been part of the Kansas City community. This is an annual event for car lovers and car shoppers. Presented by the Automotive Dealers Association of Kansas City, this auto show is held to not only entertain car enthusiasts but also to educate them on all the new cars and trends in the automotive industry. We are still awaiting details about this event, but it’s scheduled to take place in September at the Kansas City Convention Center.

Women’s Motor Fest Columbus Sep 10

the best car shows for 2022 include Women's Motor Fest

Women’s Motor Fest presents its second car show for women in Columbus, Ohio. This is an exciting car show created just for women. This show will their second of two events this year. There will be fun activities for the family, as well as cars, trucks, motorcycles, offroad vehicles, SUVs, and more. This is a family-friendly event for women car enthusiasts taking place in Columbus, Ohio in September.

North American International Auto Show Sept. 17 – 25

North American International Auto Show (NAIAS)

The North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) will return to Detroit for the first time in two years The NAIAS is one of the biggest auto shows in the automotive industry. It’s where top automotive executives, designers, and engineers meet to show off their newest vehicles and make announcements.  This show is unlike any other, and this year’s revamped event is expected to bring out a crowd to the Detroit area. Michigan’s legislature approved 9 million dollars to support this year’s event as the automotive industry plays a key role in Michigan’s economy.  This year’s show will take place in Detroit’s Huntington Place Convention Center and downtown Detroit. We expect this to be one of the best car shows for 2022.

Los Angeles Auto Show November 18-27

Los Angeles Auto Show

The Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the most popular and highest-attended auto shows in the world. The Los Angeles Auto show has been bringing car lovers together since 1907. The show’s producers ANSA Productions bring together the best in the auto industry to debut new cars and technology in the auto industry.  This auto show draws a huge crowd of auto industry executives, engineers, and media from around the world. One of the world’s largest events for auto enthusiasts, this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show is set to take place in November at the LA Convention Center. This is a great opportunity for car lovers to shop for cars, trucks, SUVs, and electric vehicles.