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HerStoryTelling started as a simple conversation between a journalist and a podcast host in 2021. Both had toyed with the idea of telling the story of the sexism that runs rampant in male-dominated industries - and what better way to tell that story than by combining our superpowers to create a five-part blog series for Women's History Month. We celebrated Women's History Month 2022 by adding video interviews with subject matter experts, and we brought men's voices in to share their thoughts on some of the experiences described in the blogs.

But there are so many more stories to tell, so many women who made HERstory, who have gone largely unrecognized. It's time to celebrate them. We can't wait to tell their stories.

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Chasidy Sisk
Jayme Blasiman


Jayme Blasiman and Chasidy Rae Sisk are the HBICs (Head Bitch in Charge) of Femcanic Garage and Chasidy Rae Sisk Writing & Communications, respectively.

Femcanic Garage is “a community of like-minded women in the skilled-trades, automotive, and motorsports industries. Through our shared accomplishments, careers, and dreams, we elevate and empower each other to realize our highest potential. Together, we strive to smash stereotypes and break barriers for women in the industry and evolve the world to see us as the leaders that we are.” To Jayme, Femcanic is all about “creating a global space for women in this industry, an industry a lot of women love.”

Chasidy Rae Sisk Writing & Communications is a freelance writing operation that provides content and copywriting services, predominantly to the automotive and collision repair industries, but Chasidy is most passionate about sharing stories about the badass ladies who are absolutely killing it in less-than-“traditional” fields.

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